Tecnodent is an Italian company specialized, since 1966, in studying, designing, and manufacturing technically advanced chairs and stools, combining tradition and craftsmen’s care with innovation and technology in a system of excellence (100% Made in Italy). Our goal it is to provide the greatest comfort in terms of ergonomics, quality, accessibility, hygiene and functionality, as well as aesthetic, tactile and visual pleasure.
Tecnodent can supply a full range of products to equip a Tattoo Studio, assuring total wellness and efficiency in a carefully and design setting.
Tecnodent chairs are electronically controlled by a high precision foot control that allows the Tattoo Artist to work in total freedom with the maximum hygiene.
The upholsteries are seamless, the surface are rounded, in order to guarantee a quick and complete cleaning.
The separated leg rests make the chair the perfect way to tattoo on the legs.
For groundbreaking studies, that base their activity on customer’s care, comfort and hygiene, Tecnodent offers stools that allow the Tattoo Artist to work comfortably for long hours and to express his art in the better way, in total relax and safety. Available in different models and colors, Tecnodent stools guarantee the best ergonomics together with the pleasure of design.
In the broad Tecnodent choice of products, you may also find beds with fixed or adjustable heights. Perfect for the tattoo on the back part of the body, Tecnodent beds allow the Tattoo Artist to work with total comfort and safety and the Customer to feel in complete relax. The extreme solid structure guarantee a long lifetime with the maximum security. The base of the bed can be mounted on wheels, adding flexibility to the placement of the Studio and allowing a better use of the space.

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