Dental Lights

Aster-Plus Dental LED LightAster-Plus, which represent an optimal compromise between quality and price, it is a figment of the technological development and the evolution of the Aster lamp.Aster-Plus has a perfect state of the art optical system, a n..

Optimal lightingEDI is a dental light with a state-of-the-art design that perfectly illuminates the oral cavity. It is equipped with accessories and versions that make it a complete lighting system, capable to satisfy the dentist’s requirements. The ..

Dental LED Light Lynx it is a figment of the technological development, of the Italian design evolution and of the attention at the details all integrated in a lamp with superior performances. Lynx has a perfect state of the art optical system, a n..

High technology in tune with the marketThe ideal solution for anyone looking for a LED dental operating light with high performances at an affordable price. Faro patented optical system, removable and sterilizable handles and, from now on, ..

Dental LED Light Urania Urania is a LED lamp specifically designed for the dental industry. The characteristics it features, however, make it suitable to satisfy professionals in other fields: Dental: dentists; Med..

The LED-Technology FARO masterpiece is now even betterThe state of the art of LED technology ultimate generation. Powerful and reliable, Alya dental light is equipped with thepatented FARO triaxial movement and optical system, with the ..

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